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Online simulations that power inquiry and understanding

ExploreLearning Gizmos grades 3-12 are award-winning, interactive simulations that support inquiry-based learning and critical thinking. Our library of more than 475 math and science Gizmos including full STEM cases encourage inquiry by enabling students to visualize, experiment, develop hypotheses, and draw their own conclusions. Gizmos are aligned to various educational standards and multiple international curricula including NGSS,IB Curriculum and many others. 

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gizmos support stem curriculum

With Gizmos, students are engaged in the practices of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers in a technology-enabled learning platform. Gizmos support the development of critical STEM competencies, including the ability to ask questions and define problems, develop and use models, analyze and interpret data, and much more. Students using Gizmos are far more prepared to enter Western Universities!

gizmos support differentiated classrooms

Educators can use Gizmos to promote the adoption of authentic forms of inquiry and STEM learning through differentiated experiences. With Gizmos, students with a wide range of abilities and learning styles can develop crucial 21st skills such as critical thinking and problem solving skills.

gizmos support english language learners

Through interactive modeling and visual support, Gizmos help clarify and reinforce the technical language and concepts of math and

science. Gizmos connect concepts and vocabulary to real-world experiences, providing a bridge to

learning between languages.

Gizmos support you

Each Gizmo includes teaching learning material with a differentiated Teacher Guide that describes learning objectives, a

suggested lesson plan, related activities, background information,

and relevant resources. Students can access guided activities as well as real time assessments.

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